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"We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately"


Unity and strength in numbers is the only thing that will win this "gun control" fight. It doesn't matter if you only have guns for hunting or if you only use them for competition or if you only have hand guns to defend yourself or you do not have a gun and just believe in freedom now is the time to speak out. We need to tell our congressman and representatives that we will not stand for gun control of any kind. We don't have alot of time. Only a few weeks to make our voices heard. Tell our president and your LOCAL elected officials as well. Its an all out war on firearms right now. The gun control crowd will stop at nothing until they have some kind of legislation pass. We have to stand in the gap. There are already in this congressional session attempts to take away rights from Americans.

Bills introduced in 112th congress (almost over)

(last i checked all are stuck in committee)

HR 6685 Ban FN 57 pistol and the 5.7 ammunition

HR6680 National Firearms Licensing (Making individual sales illegal)

PRO GUN: HR 2613 Citizens Protection act (Ending gun free school zones)


These laws where introduced within days of the Newtown tragedy. The gun control crowd wastes no time. Stand up and be counted. Use sites like POPVOX and GOVTRACK to stay on top of things. As time goes on and we enter the 113th congress I will try to post ALL legislation pertaining to guns here.

Bills in 113th congress

H.R. 6725: "To provide for greater safety in the use of firearms."-Outlaws individual sale without background check and federally sets requirements for concealed weapon permits.(introduced on dec.31 probably carried over into congressional session)
In the House:​

H.R. 138-Magazine Ban

H.R. 142-Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act

H.R. 65-Prevent child access to firearms

H.R. 93-Regarding former FFL dealers (unsure what this is)

H.R. 21-Greater safety in firearms (is a repeat of H.R. 6725)

H.R. 34-Blair Holt Act

H.R. 133-Mandatory licensing for handguns

H.R. 137-Require NICS submissions by states and background checks for all sales(Unconstitutional?)

H.R. 141-Require background checks for all sales at gun shows

H.R. 133-Repeal gun free school zones act of 1990 and all amendments to act (Is good)

H.R. 339- To require the BATFE to make recordings of the examination and testing of firearms and ammunition and other purposes?

H.R. 329-Encourage states to provide information to NICS (either provides states more money or takes some away)

In the Senate:

S. 33-Magazine ban.

S. 35-Stop online ammunition sales act.

S. 22-Gun show background checks

S. 34-A bill to allow the attorney general to deny FFL licenses and transfer of firearms to known "suspected" terrorists

S. 2-A bill to reduce violence and protect the citizens of the united states?

S. 150-Assault Weapon Ban

So many coming out its hard to keep track of.Will try to update more later.