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The Real Gun Nuts

Take a good look at this image. This is an image of the head of this nations true gun nuts. A gun nut is "A person that gives up his rights for the perceived temporary security that it seems to provide". This group is a motley crew of anti constitutional mayors pushing weak people to make more weak people - which will in the long run make more people unsafe. The problem is they think that this is what is truly needed, all you have to do is ignore the second amendment and it will go away.

Sorry it does not work that way. If you want the level of restrictions that these people are pursuing there is a simple solution. Repeal the second amendment. I am serious, either repeal it or shut up and go back to your miserable scared life relying on others for your personal protection. And by the way - the last part will never happen unless you pay for your personal guards (which in your perfect world would not need arms either).

The proper avenue to take would be to take several sensible steps to a safer America.

1. Get rid of all posted "Gun Free Zones" these are death traps for both the armed and not.
2. Realize the only way to stop a "bad guy" with a gun is with a "good guy" with a gun, and the unarmed citizen are part of the greater problem, not the solution.
3. Teach civics in schools - stressing the importance of our constitution and rights provided.
4. Allow CCW holders to both conceal and carry openly nationwide (national permit). (Open carry would have saved Trayvon in Florida).
5. Stress the importance of gun safety - require ongoing training for concealed carry - as well as gun safety and marksmanship in schools.
6. In the family teach values to your kids. Lots of these kids do not value anything - even life.
7. Enforce gun laws as they are. Prosecute felons attempting to purchase weapons.

If we encouraged armed citizens instead of demonizing them areas like Chicago would be able to repel their gang problem instead of continual turf wars and cowering people. Empower the people of the community to take their neighborhoods back.

And on th issue of armed guards in schools. Although the best idea put forth, will probably not work. If a gun fight breaks out - for most except for the bravest (or stupidest - depends on how you look at it) the urge to flee is to great to protect the innocent. The only armed people that would make a true difference are people that are unfortunate enough to be trapped by the criminal and the only solution is to fight their way out to survive. Even police in certain areas will wait for the shooting to stop before going in.

Second thing is that most of these mass shooting people are not wanting to get caught - so if challenged chances are they would commit suicide earlier anyway.