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The Gun Control Argument

Its shocking to hear that so many are asking for another assault weapon ban especially since it proved ineffective through the years of 1994 through 2004. Assault weapon bans don't work, how about banning guns all together? Well the United Kingdom did just that for the most part. In fact it is illegal to carry most “pocket knives” in public. The firearms they are allowed to own are only licensed for hunting such as single shot shotguns and bolt action rimfire rifles. If someone wants to own a handgun the laws are very restrictive on what kinds and where they can be kept. They must remain locked up at the shooting range you attend. So criminals have moved to a new weapon of choice. Knife crime has become the new U.K. Crime of choice. A group of four or five people with knives and an unarmed victim is the way crime is carried out in the U.K.
So what can we do? We can arm more good people and get rid of the obviously failed “gun free” zones. We all know its just easy for someone to carry out an evil act when everyone around them is unarmed, even if they have to use a knife. The sad thing is if someone is determined to do someone harm (or a large group of people) they will always find a way. We need to stop worrying about the mostly peaceful “gun culture” and worry more about the “culture of violence” in this country. I hope if anything my article has inspired you to do your own research on gun control and its effectiveness around the world on crime as a whole.

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