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Talk about Biased Media


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Today, after waiting a week out of respect for the Newtown victims, the NRA spoke on the subject of the recent rash of fun violence for the first time. Now, there were protesters in the room. One jumped to the front to cover the podium. Now usually, the media will move their cameras and not show the protesters (In my case I am talking about CNN here). In this case they focused in on the makeshift sign and put it into the view of millions of viewers. If this had been a presentation that confirmed to their beliefs the cameras would have been moved away until the protesters had been properly removed.

These same organizations complain that Fox news is opinionated - well so is CNN. Between this behavior and the British Piers Morgan not allowing a person that he does not agree with to get a complete sentence in before he cuts them off, they have no unbiased leg to stand on. And I am keeping them honest.

And in closing you have to wonder why news reports like the one at the following link was not picked up by national media:

Oregon shooter confronted by ccw