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New Custom Horsehide Rig From JR Customs

Well after I bought my latest handgun (Kimber Compact Stainless II) I originally ordered a cheap DeSantis holster as a quick way to carry my new gun. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer leather over kydex to carry my weapons. And I really like the quality, looks, and fit, of a great handmade custom rig.

I started looking online to find the holster that fit the function and desires. After a few weeks of looking I kept coming back to JR Customs Handmade Holsters. They offered horsehide holsters, which I never thought about before, but I really liked the look of the holsters as well as the mag carriers and belts. Another selling point was the exotic leathers offered to accent the holster.

After reviewing the exotics, I settled on one that I have not seen offered anywhere else. Wildebeest. As you know this is a wild Buffalo type (not really) herd animal from Africa. It has a rugged, yet beautiful texture. Well, I sent an email explaining what I was looking for. It included an IWB holster (IWB-SN), a IWB single Magazine carrier (IWB-MP-WING), and a gunbelt in the style of the "Horsehide/shark trim belt". All black with brown Wildebeest Skin.

At the time Jim, the owner was going on a trip to Europe. He gave me a price, explained that he would not be able to quickly fill my order (I expect that with any custom order). He put me in his queue upon payment. There was some question about my belt size. We decided he would contact me when he was ready to cut the material for my order to finalize the size.

Well, he did contact me and I finalized the belt size. I received the finished product this past weekend. And wow, it looked even better than I imagined - even though he sent me several pictures to chronicle the progress. Here are some below adequate pictures that I took:

Here is the holster attached:

I was really happy with the contrast between the horsehide and the Wildebeest skin. The texture, in my personal opinion is beautiful.

After a few times of wearing, here are my first impressions:

1. The workmanship is top notch with great attention to detail.
2. The materials used are high quality. I found no blemishes on the horsehide. The natural grain shows beautifully.
3. The accessories fit and match the belt beautifully.
4. The holster fits and holds the gun like a glove. Retention is tight, but the gun draws easily.
5. The mag carrier fits the magazine securely. The magazine pulls with some slight resistance which is necessary for proper retention.
6. The holster is thinner than most IWB holsters. It is pretty solid, but does collapse slightly under the bellt pressure making reholstering slightly more difficult. But it does reholster if you tilt the handgun slightly forward to spread the mouth.

Another feature that helps with concealment. When the holster is molded, part of their standard procedure is to pull the grip of the gun slightly inward. This is a great feature and keeps the gun riding up against your body.

Overall, my short experience with the new items I am extremely satisfied and will order from them very soon again. To take a look at their offerings see the site ht http://www.jrcholsters.com. That is my new rig on his front page. :)