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My Personal Home Break In Experience

I had just purchased my dream house (also my first house) on June 15, 2016. On Sunday November 13, 2016 I was working on flood lights at the back of my house when I heard a loud "boom". I got off the ladder and went around the front of my house, thinking there must be an explosion next door, and saw a strange car in my driveway. I was trying to place where I knew the car when I noticed my front door, which was locked, was open.

Stupid me did not draw my weapon as I entered the house, had a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 pocket carry. As I entered I yelled out "who the hell is in here". A person about late 20s or early 30s came out of my bedroom about 7 feet away. My thoughts then went to training and not let a threat get within 7 yards and he was 7 feet. I went to pull my weapon as he charged towards me saying "oh shit, oh shit" I got the gun pulled when he was almost even with me and he went "OH SHIT!, OH SHIT!" and ran for the car. I did not shoot because he was fleeing.

breakin.jpg When he got to the car he got in the passenger seat and yelled "Go Go Go". The car did not move as I realized there was a second person there. I could not see in the car due to deep tented windows. The car still did not move and I thought that maybe the other person was putting a gun on me. I shot out the rear passenger window so I could see. The car took off after that and I could here one of them saying "He's shooting at us" as they rounded my circular driveway.

After it was over, the full weight of what had happened with a flood of Adrenalin. I called 911 and could not even remember my address. I got some mail so I could give it to them. I could see them going up and down my main road. I placed my unloaded gun on my dresser in my house. Eventually about three Sheriff Deputies drove up in my driveway, took my statement, calmed me down (although I had an adrenalin headache the rest of the day). Took my shell casing for evidence and as far as I know they never caught the criminals, but told me they would never be back to my house.

Moral is you can train all you want, but when shit hits the fan, all the training goes out the window and you act on instinct. I felt pretty calm until it was over and got flooded with emotion and shaking all over. I will for sure draw first before calling out anyone in the future and glad that he did not have a weapon in hand because I would have been killed before I could draw.

Learned more from this than I ever could in a class. I am always armed no matter where I go, and if I can't be armed I do not go there. At home I always have two handguns and a rifle handy just in case. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.