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I am Torn Again Politically


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When I started this site I had hope that the anti-constitutional practises of the democrats was a thing of the past. I personally have alot of progressive views, but like the issues of 1993 my beliefs and loyalty is being forced to change again. After the last big gun control debacle a few decades ago, I made it a point to vote for positions that protected my constitutional rights even if they did not fully support my social views. Over time this became moot as it seemed that the democrats learned their lesson and did not move against the rights of the people bearing arms for years. Now we have a return to the failed views of the past.

In the beginning our Constitution did not protect the people very well, the first several amendments changed that and provided individual rights of free speech and expression, self defense from anyone - even the government, and that the government is not allowed to pursue illegal search and seizure. The biggest items being attacked fight now are the 2nd and 4th amendments.

The biggest violator of constitutional rights is Diane "Franken" Finestein and Chuck Schummer as well a Joe Biden our current Vice President. If there were ever an argument for term limits these dinosaurs are the perfect reason. I cannot believe that they have lasted this long in office.

My biggest hope at this time is we get a vote so we can get a list of politicians that do not defend the constitution as it was worded by our founding fathers so we can mobilize and vote these frauds out of office. Once that is done, it is up to us, the citizens of the United States as a whole, to return our country to our founding values. Teach the values that our forefathers valued. And above all teach in our schools the real reasons for the Bill of Rights for our life as American citizens.

Gun rights is not a Republican/Democrat issue. It is not a urban/rural issue. It is an individual right given to us by our founding fathers to protect us and set us apart from the less free countries of the world. Our basic rights are the most important thing we have in this country. It is something we must protect over and above any social issues in which we may believe.
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