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Gun Free Zones are Killing our Children

From the principle of SandyHook, who lost her life confronting the gunman, to the coach, Aaron Feis, who lost his life shielding students from gunfire had one thing in common. They had no gun to return fire. Our gun free zones have become criminal protection zones. Gun free zones are really killing our children, and more will die until we remove these zones and allow people that are background checked and trained to carry their weapons anywhere.

Imagine if the hero coach had a weapon, not saying he would carry or not, he could of at least wounded the shooter, perhaps saving even more lives.

These gun free zones are natural magnets for mass shooters to do as much carnage as they can, unimpeded, until the police arrives several minutes after he starts his evil deed. Having a person that voluntarily conceal carries and is in the situation is the only way to end it early. Guards are great, but the shooter knows they are there and either targets them first, or avoids them. And remember, it's human nature, nobody will run to a gunfight. Having a good guy with a gun who has to fight his way out of the situation is what will save lives. So it is time to quit doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. End gun free zones for good.

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