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Gun Free Zones are for Criminals

We have all seen the signs - disarm the legally carrying law abiding citizen. The mode of thinking is that if there are no guns all will be safe. This is a outright fallacy. Most of the historic as well as recent mass shootings occurred in gun free

zones. Now maybe my thinking is flawed, but if these BGs had to engage one two or more prepared citizens they would not be able to concentrate on doing their mayhem. They would have to defend themselves.

"Gun Free Zones" are like a welcome sign for bad guys. The media is right about one thing, we need a discussion in this country, and it is on two topics. First is to stress the personal responsibility to defend yourself. Cops do a great job, but they cannot be where the incident happens most of the time. Even though they made it to the Colorado movie theater in just a few minutes - the incident was over. Second is to change the thinking that disarming legally carrying (and usually trained at least as required to get the permit). When they put up these signs, they put everyone in danger because the citizen will obey, but the criminal will not.

Changing the mindset of the people that think that they do not need to protect themselves and their families (Oh, the police will) is key to to reducing the damage that these crazies can do. I a criminal had to think "I wonder how many will shoot back?" they may think twice about engaging.

Now, I am not totally crazy. I do believe that some government areas should be gun free, usually in these areas there are plenty of armed officials.

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Well I have seen arguments that "Gun Free Zones" are not the issue for mass shootings. That these shooters just happen to choose these areas randomly. And more armed citizens in these areas are not the answer. Well, if more guns equals more violence and gun free zones are not the issue, then why are there never any mass shootings at gun shows and gun ranges? Lots of people with arms at both occasions, but never does anyone plan a mass shooting at these places.

Another argument I hear over an over again is that more innocent people will be killed if more armed citizens confront a shooter in a public place. Well, even though we train to be aware of what is beyond our target, there may be instances where a bystander may be hit, wounded and possibly killed. I would rather one or two of those than 10, 15, 26, 72 involved from target5 practice by an unchallenged shooter.