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Great Gun Belt for the Big Guy (abetterbeltusa.com)


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I have had an ongoing problem over the last 10 years or so. My belly is larger than my hips. Not sure why this happened, I was always a string bean during most of my life, perhaps it is all part of being over forty. As you can imagine, this poses quite a problem when choosing a gun belt. I put the gun on my belt, tighten the belt until my eyes pop out, then gravity takes over and tries to put the gun around my knees.

I have spent quite a bit of money over the last couple of years trying to find a solution that would help with this problem. I have tried heavy belts, light belts, thick belts, thin belts, all types of leathers as well as corded belts. Finally I have found a solution, and it was funny how I found them. I searched Google "Looking for a better gun belt" and about the 5th entry down was a company called ...... abetterbeltusa.com.

Looking at this site ... all their belts looked great. They offered everything that I found on other companies, with all the same materials. With one exception. They offered an affordable contoured belt, called appropriately the "Perfect Fit Belt". This was something that I knew about, but I have not tried for a couple of reasons. One was the price. Contoured belts are all custom, usually cut from leather in a specific shape for the owner. This leads to my second reason. Since these belts are custom, in order to properly fit the contour should be measured by a professional.

Well, what makes these contoured belts different is that they are self adjusting. They are essentially two strips of belt connect to a three inch middle section with a hinge. As you move with the belt the hinge keeps the belt against your body.

And at $99.95, very affordable. I followed the instructions on the site and measured the belt size. And ordered a brown belt to test it. I followed the directions and added any options that I wanted. One option that was available that I got in on was to taper the ends from 1 1/2 inch to one inch where the belt buckles together. This was free for a limited time and now just a $10 option. It really makes it nice gor a little extra room around the belly when sitting or stooping.

Overall I have been very happy with this belt. It holds my Kimber Compact Stainless II 1911 with an inside the waistband holster with all day comfort. As you can see from the images I bought a black belt also. The workmanship is great, and you can find almost any option on their website. Please visit http://www.abetterbeltusa.com/. To view the order page directly go to http://www.abetterbeltusa.com/the-perfect-fit-belt/. Please tell them this site referred you.
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