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A Letter to My Florida State Governor and others.


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I will post replies to the following letter as they come in. Florida is doing a lot of feel good changes to the gun laws. Most would not have made any difference in the Parkland shooting.

Don't Blame Gun Owners for Parkland


As a gun owner in Florida I had nothing to do with the Parkland
shooting, so please do not penalize lawabiding gun owners just to pass
some feel good laws that do nothing to prevent what happened in Parkland.

Parkland was a tragedy, and my heart goes out to the victims, their
families, and the wounded that will have a lifetime to suffer the
effects of the shooting.

A three day waiting period would have done nothing to prevent the
shooting in parkland. This is an example of a feel good law that has no
bearing on the type of crime that was perpetrated. Waiting periods are
for a crime of passion, this crime was pland well in advance.

Raising the purchase age for long guns to 21, is not only ridiculous,
but will prevent law abiding adults (yes 18 is the age we recognize as
adults) from purchasing weapons to protect themselves in their personal
homes if they move out of their parents house. This also would have done
nothing to prevent the Parkland shooting. Plenty of guns are available
on the black market that, if he was inclined, would be able to obtain to
use in the shooting.

The ban on bump stocks is being reviewed at the federal level and would
be a waste to spend the time on at the state level. Plus it will start a
slippery slope of regulation for common semi-automatic weapons.

I ask you to read the 2nd Amendment, especially the do not infringe
part. Please do not pass laws that will infringe, and make purchasing a
firearm harder for law abiding gun owners. We have enough hurdles to
jump through to exercise a natural right as it is.

Armed security is fine. But as we have seen in the response to the
Parkland shooting, sometimes human nature gets in the way and they do
not run to a gunfight. The people inside in the situation are the ones
that can end or limit the situation. Please, please, please end the gun
free zones in out states schools and allow law abiding CCW holders to
carry concealed, and not known who is carrying. That is the best way to go.

Please focus on mental health, and, the elimination of gun free zones in
our state. With 1.5 million trained, vetted, and some of the most law
abiding concealed carry holders in the nation if a shooting starts it
can be stopped quickly. Plus just the notion that guns can be in the
area may be enough of a deterrent to the coward that these shooters are.
Then maybe they will just commit suicide the normal way. By themselves.

Thanks for your time,

John Seymour

Williston Florida, 32696