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My Personal Home Break In Experience

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I had just purchased my dream house (also my first house) on June 15, 2016. On Sunday November 13, 2016 I was working on flood lights at the back of my house when I heard a loud "boom". I got off the ladder and went around the front of my house, thinking there must be an explosion next door, and saw a strange car in my driveway. I was trying to place where I knew the car when I noticed my front door, which was locked, was open.

Stupid me did not draw my weapon as I entered the house, had a Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 pocket carry. As I entered I yelled out "who the hell is in here". A person about late 20s or early 30s came out of my bedroom about 7 feet away. My thoughts then went to training and not let a threat get within 7 yards and he was 7 feet. I went to pull my weapon as he charged towards me saying "oh shit, oh shit" I got the gun pulled when he was almost even with me and he went "OH SHIT!, OH SHIT!" and ran for the car. I did not shoot because he was fleeing.


Video of two Women Protecting Their Store

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Posted by GMA, if you can believe it.

Mother and daughter in a violent shootout with an armed robbery
Gun Free Zones are Killing our Children
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From the principle of SandyHook, who lost her life confronting the gunman, to the coach, Aaron Feis, who lost his life shielding students from gunfire had one thing in common. They had no gun to return fire. Our gun free zones have become criminal protection zones. Gun free zones are really killing our children, and more will die until we remove these zones and allow people that are background checked and trained to carry their weapons anywhere.

Imagine if the hero coach had a weapon, not saying he would carry or not, he could of at least wounded the shooter, perhaps saving even more lives.

These gun free zones are natural magnets for mass shooters to do as much carnage as they can, unimpeded, until the police arrives several minutes after he starts his evil deed. Having a person that voluntarily conceal carries and is in the situation is the only way to end it early. Guards are great, but the shooter knows they are there and either targets them first, or...

New Custom Horsehide Rig From JR Customs

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Well after I bought my latest handgun (Kimber Compact Stainless II) I originally ordered a cheap DeSantis holster as a quick way to carry my new gun. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer leather over kydex to carry my weapons. And I really like the quality, looks, and fit, of a great handmade custom rig.

I started looking online to find the holster that fit the function and desires. After a few weeks of looking I kept coming back to JR Customs Handmade Holsters. They offered horsehide holsters, which I never thought about before, but I really liked the look of the holsters as well as the mag carriers and belts. Another selling point was the exotic leathers offered to accent the holster.

After reviewing the exotics, I settled on one that I have not seen offered anywhere else. Wildebeest. As you know this is a wild Buffalo type (not really) herd animal from Africa. It has a rugged, yet beautiful texture. Well, I sent an email explaining what I was looking for. It included an IWB...

The Real Gun Nuts

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Take a good look at this image. This is an image of the head of this nations true gun nuts. A gun nut is "A person that gives up his rights for the perceived temporary security that it seems to provide". This group is a motley crew of anti constitutional mayors pushing weak people to make more weak people - which will in the long run make more people unsafe. The problem is they think that this is what is truly needed, all you have to do is ignore the second amendment and it will go away.

Sorry it does not work that way. If you want the level of restrictions that these people are pursuing there is a simple solution. Repeal the second amendment. I am serious, either repeal it or shut up and go back to your miserable scared life relying on others for your personal protection. And by the way - the last part will never happen unless you pay for your personal guards (which in your perfect world would not need arms either).

The proper avenue to take would be...

Gun Free Zones are for Criminals

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We have all seen the signs - disarm the legally carrying law abiding citizen. The mode of thinking is that if there are no guns all will be safe. This is a outright fallacy. Most of the historic as well as recent mass shootings occurred in gun free

zones. Now maybe my thinking is flawed, but if these BGs had to engage one two or more prepared citizens they would not be able to concentrate on doing their mayhem. They would have to defend themselves.

"Gun Free Zones" are like a welcome sign for bad guys. The media is right about one thing, we need a discussion in this country, and it is on two topics. First is to stress the personal responsibility to defend yourself. Cops do a great job, but they cannot be where the incident happens most of the time. Even though they made it to the Colorado movie theater in just a few minutes - the incident was over. Second is to change the thinking that disarming legally carrying (and usually trained at least as required...