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Hello All,

I am glad you have joined.

I am a 50 year old Systems Administrator in Gainesville Florida. A Floridian all my life.

I grew up with guns. Learned to use - respect - and hunt early. Back in those days there were few requirements to own or carry a gun - you went to the store - you bought one. When I got married I got out of owing guns for quite a few years. When I decided to buy my first weapon recently - boy - how things have changed. Everyone is treated as a criminal and have to be proved otherwise before you (after a three business day wait) can pick up your gun that you bought and paid for. Although I understand the logic - I think there has to be a better way to keep the guns out of felons hands but not inconvenience the law abiding citizen.

A gun expert I am not, so I will be asking questions of you as well as answering what I can.

Once I bought my Taurus PT740, I started preparing for training and am looking to get my CCW permit. Florida is better than average when it comes to gun laws. Thank goodness I don't live in California or New York.

I started joining some forums, but after a short time I felt out of place because even though I am conservative in my views about gun rights I am a liberal in most other issues. All the forums I joined quickly became anti liberal and I really did not feel welcome - even though I never mentioned my views I had to bite my tongue a few times.

Well I looked around for a while for a community forum I could join - then I decided that I would open my own.

Anyway - as you join - please introduce yourself in this forum - and then expand the site with discussions here. Please point the site out to your friends and neighbors that you think would enjoy the site. Please suggest any forum additions and let me know of any issues you find (new site is bound to have some).

Once again, thanks for joining.

John Seymour


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Well, things have truly changed over the last year. I think that the liberals have all move away from my values. In my research, I think I now more identify with Libertarians. However, in some ways I may be more conservative than that. The values of today's liberal seems to be more socialist than ever. I believe in self reliance, and government should help out as a last resort and only on a temporary basis.